Nut Job


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Bluff City, TN 37618

Nut Job Birth

1985 corvette

Here`s the story of how this INCREDIBLE Project came to be. VP Steve Marmie, my best friend, is a real detail guy. He had a beautiful `85 Vette that He loved to keep clean. We decided to go to Florida to watch the last Space Shuttle launch. While cruising around Daytona, Steve says "I need a way to clean the lug nuts on my Vette, this stick & rag deal just doesn`t cut it"! With my past as a fabricator & inventor in Pro Racing, it instantly put the wheels in motion! 2 days after we got home I had a prototype and it`s been WIDE OPEN Peddle ever since ! It`s been a real up & down adventure so far. We decided early on that we would blaze our own trail and WOW, what a trip it`s been ! I`m a native of the Lancaster, PA area and so that had some influence on the name of the company, plus it`s pretty catchy & memorable. Hostile Amish Hustlers Attacking (HA HA LLC) We are brand new so be patient with us, we`re ready to BLAST OFF ! HA HA LLC Randy "CRUSHER" Lewis

space shuttle

Steve Marmie proudly served in the Navy. He was also recruited to work on the Shuttle Recovery Mission when it disintegrated over Texas on re-entry. After seeing the sad side of a shuttle mission Steve wanted to see the positive side of a shuttle launch ! That`s when He decided to share His Detailing Tool idea with someone equally NUTS !!!! but willing to aggressively ATTACK the challenge ! Now look where we are !!!!